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When it comes to wedding photographers in Calgary, our team establishes itself as the absolute best option for clients seeking to commemorate their big day in a way that will be cherished for years to come. Our service is superior because of our commitment to identifying great photographers, understanding the challenges and obstacles of each wedding event, and communication skills that make the optimal results come without a struggle.

We put a lot of work into ensuring the wedding photography clients we get are 100% satisfied with their results. Every new photographer on our team undergoes a series of reviews, tests, and trial runs to make sure they’re up to par with us.

Before we sign a professional with a client, we have our staff review their portfolio, perform test shots with the photographer, and even send them to a wedding with a more experienced team member to see them in action. Shooting a wedding means being able to handle portrait photography, big group frames, ceremony lighting, and the madness that often comes with a reception.

Creative and Passionate Wedding Photographers from Calgary

There’s so much that goes into planning a big event, which is why we put so much into ensuring our team can handle it all. They have the skills to capture each and every small detail of your wedding day, and know how to manage their time and positioning appropriately to get the shot.

Picking a wedding photography in Calgary can be confusing, so to lay it out there plain and clear, here’s what you get if you choose to sign on with our service:

  • One on One Planning Before The Day
  • Special Shot Arrangements and Coordination
  • Unrivaled Quality Overall
  • A Variety of Custom Print And Album Options

The skill and time dedications you’ll see from the moment we meet will seal the deal. All of our clients have been satisfied and nearly half of them feel compelled to recommend us to their friends and family for their event and wedding photography needs. Getting in Contact is easy enough, and we’ll be back to you shortly!

Book For Calgary Wedding Photography

Our website’s contact page and phone system make getting into contact with your local photographer experts a breeze. Simply fill out your information and include a few details about your event and we’ll get to work analyzing your needs to assign you the best local photographer.

If you’re thinking of booking with us we only ask that you do so as soon as possible. Weddings are extremely well planned out events, and some of our photographers see bookings as far as a year in advance.

Also, please include as many details as possible in the form. Give us dates, times, places, and everything about the setting that you can. From there, we’ll have a team member meet with you, show you some of their work, and if you choose go forward with a contract from there.

We’re looking forward to working with you and hearing about the unique challenges and obstacles of your wedding day. You won’t be disappointed when you come back from the honey moon to our albums, go browse the gallery of photos to see exactly what you could get for your big day!