Just destroy your uninteresting bike


You may buy a mountain bike for your own to fulfill your wish. Even it can be the best mountain bike brands. But after some days you may lose your impression on the bike after fulfilling your wish. But your bike easily can be destroyed without the proper care.

Because, it is known to all of us that if you don’t care about anything, it’s also not acts favorable to you. It’s just not a fact of a human or machine, if you behave rough with them, then will also do the same to you. So, if you wish to destroy your bike intentionally, then you can easily the points, which are mentioned below.

Never make your bike clean

Your bikes may get too much dirt while moving on the road. This dirt is really very harmful to the bikes. But if you have really started the bike’s destroying mission, then you should never clean your bike at all.

Let your bike without servicing

If you found any problems while driving the bikes and then if you have no intention to use this cycle again, then you should keep this bike without servicing. Then one day, your bike can be damaged fully one day.

Just overlook the cracking sounds

When the bike parts lose their smoothness, then they can easily sound very weird while moving. This is also an alert of the bad condition of your bike. So, if your goal is to destroy your bike, then you need to be worried about this alert. Just ignore all the kinds of cracking sounds.

Let the suspension be layered on your bike

Sometimes when a bike gets more attached to the water or the wet weather, then it can easily get the suspension on it. This suspension is one of the causes to make the bike weak and damaged. So, you should not remove this suspension layer from your bike at all.

Keep your bike randomly here and there

If you keep your bike here and there, then you can easily get the positive result of destroying it. The heavy sunlight, dust, water and so other fact can easily damage the bike without any kind of effort. So, if you have no interest on your bike anymore, then you are highly welcomed to keep your bike randomly here and there.


Well! Before you think about destroying your bike, you should think more and more for sure. Because, once you have taken the destroying decision, then you may not get return the previous condition of your bike again. It keeps assuring that, once you take the final decision, and then you can’t lag back behind again. So, to stay far in repenting in later, you should think more about taking any step before destroying it.

by mywedding