You Have to Know About Your Baby’s Interesting Thoughts


How baby sees and thinks about the world is always a concern of the parents. Know the feelings and thoughts of the baby help parents more easily in the care of baby love, and also help the baby more comfortable with the outside world. The baby often dreamt of something? The baby often dreamt of something? All of the questions that will be our response to this post.

Whether Baby Really Smiling?

Many studies show that since birth, the baby was able to demonstrate the basic emotions and express happiness is one of the skills. Many people also said that only in the process of communicating with people, she gradually learned how to express his feelings. However, all the scientists are sure that baby won’t understand the joke or find out interesting points in your statement. But, this does not reduce the level of every adorable baby blooming smile to you right?

Differentiate Parents

According to the study, right from the first three months, she was able to discern the faces of men and women in the picture. At this time, she also formed the love with a certain gender. Don’t be confused; that’s not the trend of baby gender. That’s just how simple the baby her favorite for people close to me. If want to be loved more then you should enlist intimacy with the baby. The often talk to the baby very beneficial; this helps the baby develop awareness and strengthen the link between you and your child. Hold your baby and talk to the baby regularly, you will be amazed at the ability of the child.

Baby Knows Baby Name?

Before the child begins to talk, the child has heard the voice of the other person. Even before the boy can understand the meaning of the words around, listen to the voice of the other person do to change the core cognitive capacities of the child. When started to listen to others speak, a random baby’s brain formed a mechanism of the natural order of objects, events and people in your baby’s world. Baby got back every time you call a baby name? In fact, for the kid from 2-3 months old, action back each time someone calls your name is simply the reactions of babies with sound only. What baby don’t understand is that you are calling your name. Just when to 5-6 months of age, babies really do have a clear response with his name, she can distinguish the different tone in your voice even though not yet understand the meaning of the name.

Has the baby a Bad Dream?

Perhaps the mother will be very disturbed with this question when looking at baby love drunk sleep.The truth is that we can not completely know the answer. The study of the dream always is a mystical science was made based on those who volunteered. They will tell of his dream, when, where and how.This is impossible for the baby. In large part, Baby spend about 50% of his time to the stage of REM, the concept stage only the eyes move quickly when sleeping. This is also the period of forming the dream in adults should be possible when going to sleep, sinking her baby into my dreams. But you can rest assured; she will not have nightmares. Usually, only the baby from 2-3 years can have nightmares while sleeping.At the time, fetch the baby to baby feel safe to sleep reassures baby.

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