How to Play Craps for Real Money at Canadian Online Casinos

This fascinating card game dates back to the Middle Ages. It is popular in any casino, offline or online. Craps is intense and fast-paced, but it is also straightforward. Your goal is to guess how the dice will roll. Here is how to play this game in the best digital casinos for Canadian gamblers. 

The Table Layout

The green felt-covered table is dissected into segments and boundaries according to the types of bets in the game. On the right-hand side, you can see the spaces for One Roll bets and Hardways bets. On the left-hand side, you can place Come, Place, Pass Line, Field and other types of wagers. In a digital casino, the table is managed by algorithms that replace casino employees. 

How the Game Progresses

As we have mentioned, the game itself is quite simple. However, bets may seem complicated, as there are so many options. At the same time, it is the wagers that spice up the game.

Before the Roll

Place your chips on either Pass or Don’t Pass to make a bet. This step is mandatory for all players. Once the wagers are made, one of the players becomes the ‘shooter’ and rolls the two dice by clicking on the “Roll” button. 

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Come-Out Roll

This first throw may have three different outcomes: natural (7 or 11), craps (2, 3 or 12), or place numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10). Here is what happens next:

  • Natural — bets placed on the Pass Line win, while the rest lose, and the shooter throws the dice one more time.
  • Craps — bets placed on the Don’t Pass Line win, while the rest lose, and the shooter throws the dice one more time. Depending on the game, getting a 2 or 12 leads to a “Push”, where players get their bet value back without losing anything.
  • Place — the dice land on a ‘Point’ number, and a small white button saying ‘On’ appears on the screen to show that a point has been established. Players make new bets if they wish to, and the shooter throws the dice again, this time hoping to get the same number. 

If they manage to do this before hitting a 7, all Pass Line bets win, and one more roll is provided. Otherwise, “sevening out” happens, bringing the opposite result. Until either 7 or Point is achieved, the game continues and players may place new bets between rounds.

Other Bets 

Learn about other types of wagers — the Come/Don’t Come bet, proposition bets, field bets, etc. This is the most difficult thing about the game. A reliable casino will help you learn the rules.