More and more people are getting wedding photos with their pets.


More and more brides are getting photos with their furry friends. And why not?

Having memories with your pets is special and it seems like more and more people are taking advantage of the day to get all kinds of photos done.


Even bridesmaids are getting in on the action and having their pictures taken with dogs. It seems like an easy win-win for the photographer and for the couple.

Training Your Dog for the Photo

If you are the dog owner, it makes it much easier on the photographer if the dog is not only ready for the photos but is also trained with basic stuff like sit, stay and lay down. Obviously most of us work on this with our dogs regularly, but in the lead up to the wedding it would be a god thing to work on the basics again.

Training your dog, like on this website, can also involve engaging the dogs brain and getting them to try new things.

Sometimes it is the more difficult tricks that make the basics easier on both the dog and the owner.

If you are the Photographer

If you are the photographer and you know that you will be taking pictures with a pet, it is always best during your onboarding process to speak with your client about the photos.

Be open about what you are willing to do, and of course what you are not willing to do.

When it comes to pets you need to make sure that the expectations are clearly laid out so that no one is disappointed and you end up having a disagreement on the day of the wedding. That is a big no-no.

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